Know yourself and find the state of inner harmony.

If you feel like you're struggling with difficulties or it's time to understand the connections of your life more deeply, I'm here to help you! You're not alone, you can ask for support for change anytime. I approach each of my clients with heart and soul, and believe that together it's easier to find solutions.

Angol fordítás: Schedule an appointment and I guarantee that I will be waiting for you in a confidential, intimate atmosphere with my full attention and professional qualifications in a pleasant environment. You also deserve the inner security that comes from mental health, and I am happy to support you in this process. Come with me on the path to wholeness!

Szunyi Kitti pszichológus, terapeuta. Szolgáltatások: Online és személyes lélekrendező munka Önismereti munka Egyéni és párterápia Tanácsadás Asszisztált állatterápia Autogén tréning Pszichoedukációs csoportok (szülővé válás, szülőfejlesztő, párkapcsolat felkészítő, párkapcsolat fejlesztő, szexuális kutúra fejlesztő stb.) Stresszcsökkentés Integratív terápia Coaching Relaxáció Meditáció Érzelmi intelligencia fejlesztés és boldogság órák gyerekeknek (egyéni, csoportos) Stb.

Who am I?


My name is Kitti Szunyi, I am a certified psychologist, integrative therapist, and autogenic training instructor. 

I am dedicated to understanding the human soul and supporting others on their journey towards self-awareness, psychological healing, and fulfillment. Throughout our lives, we may find ourselves in situations or states where the wisest solution is to seek professional help.

If you also want to delve into self-awareness, gain a deeper understanding of the connections in your life, or desire healing and fulfillment, I welcome you with love and invite you to turn to me!

Which I'll help you with

It is very important to note that a healthy person can also seek the help of a psychologist. Good psychological well-being is a great starting point for personal growth, refinement of character, and the experience of transcendental heights. It brings me great joy to be able to accompany and support you in this journey.

If you're not feeling well right now and you want to feel good again, or even better than you've ever felt before, I'm here for you, I can help!

There are also people who have never really been well because their difficult childhood was about survival, not experiencing happy, carefree childhood. Psychology can help in such cases too! A good psychologist provides a corrective experience, helps to rewrite bad experiences, process painful childhood memories, and (re)grow differently to become a fuller, more balanced adult.

Book an appointment with me or learn more about my services!

Szunyi Kitti pszichológus, terapeuta Dr. Bodzával Szolgáltatások: Online és személyes lélekrendező munka Önismereti munka Egyéni és párterápia Tanácsadás Asszisztált állatterápia Autogén tréning Pszichoedukációs csoportok (szülővé válás, szülőfejlesztő, párkapcsolat felkészítő, párkapcsolat fejlesztő, szexuális kutúra fejlesztő stb.) Stresszcsökkentés Integratív terápia Coaching Relaxáció Meditáció Érzelmi intelligencia fejlesztés és boldogság órák gyerekeknek (egyéni, csoportos) Stb.


Integrative therapy

Integrative psychotherapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that uses altered states of consciousness and applies multiple psychotherapeutic methods to a specific therapeutic task.

Autogenic training

Autogenic training is a scientifically based relaxation method that works through muscle relaxation, and with practice, it puts our body in a state of relaxation.

Schematic approach

The goal of schema therapy is to recognize internal and external obstacles to recognizing, acknowledging, and validating our needs for attachment, intimacy, autonomy, assertiveness, liberation, and relaxation.

Relationship coaching

I can help you with a communication, conflict management, and coaching approach that brings you closer to solutions in any relationship or marriage problem.

Hellinger-féle családállítás

A családállítás lényege a családi lélekben uralkodó törvények felismerése és elismerése. Hellinger megfigyelései szerint a közös családi lélekben törvények uralkodnak, melyek, ha megsérülnek, generációkon keresztül hatnak a család tagjaira.

Animal-assisted therapy

Animal-assisted therapy (AAT) refers to programs in which a therapy dog is involved in the learning and development process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It may sound strange, but a good psychologist can give you the most with their own being and love, which they reliably gift you with from time to time.

For many people who didn't have the opportunity to experience the quality attention and love they needed as a child, it means a huge help and a much-needed supplement to receive it from a good psychologist, who reliably gives of themselves to you over time. Others, who didn't lack these things, benefit from a suitable environment to understand themselves, their feelings, actions, decisions, and relationships, in order to become even more complete, satisfied, and happy.

A healing relationship is established with the right psychologist for you, which can solve many different emotional difficulties and challenges. It is important that you find them sympathetic and after 3-4 meetings, you feel like you can trust them.

For a detailed answer, click on the menu item what I can help you with.

In short, if you feel you need psychological support for any reason, if you want to recognize yourself on the path of self-knowledge, if you are interested in psychology, and would like to learn relaxation, communication or other psychological techniques, or if you have a specific psychological problem such as sleep disorders, relationship difficulties, etc.

A psychologist offers the opportunity to understand the underlying connections behind things and thereby overcome the problems that affect you.

A psychologist helps you take control of your life and eventually develop your own inner psychologist. Although psychotherapy is often warranted for years, it is important to me that my patients do not become dependent on me and eventually live strong, independent, and happy lives without me.

The first four sessions are about getting to know your story and your problem. During this time, it will become clear whether we can work together in the long term, whether I can help you and whether you like me.

After four sessions, commitment happens. By that time, your goal will be clear and it will be up to me to determine the necessary method and time requirement to achieve it.

Usually, we agree on 10-15 sessions at a time.

Some people see a psychologist for years or even a whole lifetime because they need this type of relationship, a sustaining force. In certain types of difficulties, severe traumas, or difficult childhoods, this may also be justified, and there is nothing wrong with it.

For some, self-awareness becomes a kind of hobby, which is also perfectly fine. However, most people turn to a professional with a specific problem, make its solution a therapeutic goal, and when they achieve it, they end the joint work.

Depending on the difficulty of the problem, the patient's personality, and determination, this can take between six months to a year. Self-awareness work, if the goal is self-awareness, lasts as long as you want, can afford, and have time for.

Every case is unique, so I can only provide more specific information after the first personal meetings.

In the past, people thought that those who went to psychologists were crazy or mentally ill. That's why many are afraid that if it is revealed that they go to a psychologist, they will be negatively judged.

Let me reassure you. Nowadays, going to a psychologist is "trendy" and popular. Many turn to professionals, but most of them you won't know because they keep it hidden for fear of negative reactions. Manapság pszichológushoz járni „trendi” és népszerű dolog. Rengetegen fordulnak szakemberhez, de legtöbbjükről nem fogod tudni, mert eltitkolják a negatív reakcióktól félve.

In my opinion, someone who goes to a psychologist and devotes time and energy to self-discovery and healing is a brave and demanding person. Such a person has recognized that they can do something to become happier and more fulfilled and is capable of seeking help to achieve this. I admire those who take this step!

At the same time, you have the right to treat this information as your own business and keep it secret from your surroundings. I will not tell anyone that we met! ☺

As a psychologist, I have an obligation to maintain confidentiality.

his means that I handle your information strictly confidentially and I do not speak to anyone about what is said between us. An exception to this is if there is a risk of suicide, in which case, of course, your safety is the primary concern.

That's why if you happen to run into your psychologist somewhere, they won't greet you until you greet them first, so as not to put you in a position where you have to explain yourself to others.

Conversations with a psychologist are special for this reason because you can feel completely safe, and what is said between us will truly stay between us.

Usually once a week. One session lasts approximately 50 minutes. In times of crisis, twice a week may be necessary. Due to financial or other reasons, some may only be able to come every other week. I do not recommend less frequent sessions.

First, book an appointment or write me an email summarizing briefly what you need help and support with. What are the problems that are currently bothering you the most? If you have an idea of what your difficulties are related to, feel free to write about it. In a few words, introduce yourself, who you are, how old you are, what you do, and what you would expect from psychological counseling or therapy.

After I read your message, we will arrange an appointment within about 1-2 weeks.

The first four sessions are for me to better understand your story and problems, and then we will define the goals of the psychological work. We will discuss how we will work and how many sessions we will need to achieve our goals. During these sessions, a trusting and intimate atmosphere will begin to develop, in which we can work effectively in the future.

Az első négy alkalom után történik az elköteleződés, addig magyarázkodás nélkül elállhatsz a közös munkától. Természetesen előfordulhat, hogy úgy érzed, valamiért nem vagyok szimpatikus, ez esetben megszakíthatod a terápiát a kezdeti szakaszban. Néha az is előfordulhat, hogy én érzem úgy, hogy nem én vagyok az a szakember, aki a leghatékonyabban tudna segíteni. Ilyenkor ajánlok magam helyett másik pszichológust vagy pszichiátert.

If both of us feel that we can work effectively together after the first four sessions, we will agree on the number of further sessions (4-6-8). It is not advisable to interrupt this process, I rely on your perseverance and reliability, because without them we cannot complete the healing process. When the agreed sessions are over, we will revisit your problems, discuss where we have come from and where we have reached. If necessary, we will set new therapeutic goals and agree on new sessions.

Therapy can last as long as there is a therapeutic goal, which can be self-awareness or general improvement of well-being, not just solving psychological difficulties.

A psychiatrist is a doctor who helps in cases where medication support is needed. There are psychological conditions that cannot be treated without medication because the person is so unwell that they are not suitable for psychotherapy performed by a psychologist. Such conditions may include severe depression or mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

A psychologist is not a doctor and therefore cannot prescribe medication. A licensed psychologist performs various psychotherapy work using the methods they have acquired. In more severe cases, both professionals are needed at the same time.

So a psychiatrist is not more or better, just different. Generally, a psychiatrist does not perform psychotherapy but rather diagnoses a mental illness and prescribes appropriate medication.

Of course, there are psychiatrists who have further trained in the direction of psychotherapy, so they perform both activities. In hospitals, a psychiatrist has about 20 minutes per client, so they are very grateful to psychologists who can provide further assistance to these patients in parallel.

Every psychotherapy has a beginning, middle, and end. A good psychotherapist pays attention to ensuring that all three stages are reached.

It helps you grow, gain confidence to maintain your mental well-being without it. Of course, this requires different time needs. Some people can achieve this in half a year to a year, while others may need more time.

A good psychologist is similar to a good parent: when the "child" grows up, they let them fly, support their independence, and encourage them, but they can always come back.

Very often, a psychologist provides something that is missing, and especially in the initial stages of therapy, it really feels similar to addiction. We may feel that we cannot imagine our lives without it. However, this changes over time, and with the help of the psychologist, we become increasingly independent, confident, and fulfilled, so we voluntarily feel when it is time to say goodbye.

When choosing a psychologist, it is very important to rely on our instincts. If a psychologist instills confidence in us, responds empathetically and understandingly, and makes us feel safe, then we can't go wrong. Not every psychologist who is not right for us is bad. The interaction that can arise between two people is important.

During psychotherapy, we may encounter internal wounds, suppressed painful feelings, and memories. Revealing these can often be stressful and upsetting. If our psychologist is good, we feel that they are with us at these times, that we are safe and that they can hold us. Therefore, a psychologist is not good because we become immediately happier and we rest and recharge after every session.

A psychologist is good because from session to session, we experience that they listen to us non-judgmentally and empathetically, that we feel safe, and that we feel that we are on our way to understanding and solving our problems.

Signs of a bad psychologist:

  • We feel that we cannot open up to them after several sessions.
  • We feel that we cannot trust them and doubt their professional competence.
  • She/He lecture and criticize us.
  • She/He convey their personal opinion as the ultimate truth.
  • She/He burdens you with details of his private life, he talks about himself.
  • She/He is regularly unpunctual, cancels and forgets appointments.
  • She/He seems burdened and stressed, we feel that he is not well physically/mentally.
  • She/He looks burnt out, bored.
  • Untidy, neglected.
  • She/He working in an inappropriate environment.
  • Not likable.
  • You feel that he is not your man.
  • etc.

Psychotherapy is similar to diamond cutting, during which the natural hidden beauty, fire, and color scattering of diamonds are best emphasized. The skills, knowledge, insights, and resources gained during psychotherapy will remain a permanent part of your treasure trove.

During a certain stage of psychotherapy, so-called "transference" or "countertransference" may occur. This means that feelings you had towards your own parents as a child or that were triggered by other important persons may arise.

These can also include erotic or romantic feelings. This is completely normal, and it is important to talk about these feelings with your psychologist. Don't be afraid, you won't lose their love because of this.

As psychotherapy progresses, these romantic feelings will transform into a calm, confidential, and loving mature relationship. Such feelings can appear between two women or two men, regardless of sexual orientation.

It is important to remain calm at such times, you haven't deteriorated and there is nothing wrong with you. This is only a temporary feeling in psychotherapy that should be openly discussed with your psychologist to make psychotherapy a valuable source of help.

Of course, it is also completely normal if you don't experience such feelings. However, it is strictly forbidden to have a romantic or sexual relationship between a psychologist and their client. The professional ethical code strictly prohibits it. A good psychologist never abuses their client's tender emotions.

The psychologist-client relationship is a special healing relationship that cannot be compared to other human relationships. Its uniqueness lies precisely in the fact that the psychologist unconditionally accepts and pays attention to their client, but does not expect the same in return. In a romantic relationship, reciprocity is important, where the giving and receiving, quality attention and acceptance flow equally. It would not be healthy if a romantic relationship were to develop between a psychologist and their client, as it would jeopardize the client's mental health. The psychologist would also commit a serious abuse, risking their professional license and authority.

In summary, the appearance of romantic and sexual feelings is a normal, natural, and temporary part of psychotherapy, but their realization or fulfillment is not possible.

Usually we discuss the next appointment at the end of the session.

Some people have a fixed appointment time, we meet at the same time every week.

Cancellation is free if it is made 24 hours or more in advance. If cancellation is made within 24 hours, or if the appointment is missed, the full amount of the therapy will be charged.

Please arrive on time. Unfortunately, I cannot admit anyone who arrives more than 5 minutes early. If you are up to 10 minutes late, we can still keep the session for 50 minutes.


Below you will find the price list. I can provide you with detailed information in person regarding the participation fees. Don't let the prices discourage you from seeking the help of a psychologist! You can also join group self-awareness work even if you can't afford the cost of individual therapy. In this case, feel free to contact me! It's worth subscribing to my newsletter because through this channel, I support subscribers with numerous articles and relaxation materials.

I guarantee that the time and money invested in psychological work will pay off many times over! We ourselves are the foundation of our lives, without ourselves, the arenas, tasks, and relationships in our lives cannot be interpreted. So everything we do to make ourselves stronger, healthier, and more harmonious, we do for our loved ones as well, to be better partners, employees, parents, and friends.

Booking an appointment is easy and fast! I am waiting for you with love!

  • Individual therapy 18.000 Ft/alkalom
  • Couples therapy HUF 30,000/occasion
  • Group therapy HUF 5,000/occasion